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Tips and advice on getting a job in the UK

Job in UK

Today, the job market in UK has become remarkably competitive. People have become more learned as compared to the past years. As a result, competition for the few job positions in the employment sector has intensified. More often than not, job seekers today face an imminent challenge of finding employment.

Looking for work can become a form work in itself. Nevertheless, by planning a job search correctly, a job seeker may find employment quickly. When searching for a job in the UK, there are various useful tips a person can use.

Searching for Hidden Job Positions

Some employers do not advertise available job positions on the local job directories. They often fill the available work positions by using word-of-mouth. Other employers recruit the best job candidates internally. If a job seeker can search for these internal job vacancies, he may end up attaining a job easily. Job in UK

Getting Employers to You

In senior management today, getting headhunted is no longer a realm for employees. To increase the chances of attaining a job, a person may opt to post his CV online. This way, he will be putting out his credentials to thousands of potential employers. Posting your CV online saves time otherwise used to search through printed job adverts. It also increase the chances of attaining a job with a short period.

Target the Right Employment Companies

Knowing the type of employment you need helps to narrow down your employment search. A job seeker will not waste a lot of time applying for extremely competitive job positions. Instead, he should focus on companies with a good job descriptions and less vacancies competition. This will increase the chances of a person in getting employment.

Build a Network

Networking is the best strategy to acquire a job in the UK. A person has to be remarkably social to create a good network. Through a network, it is easy to learn about emerging positions in the job market.

What are the benefits of working in the UK?

benefits of working

Many of people who are currently unemployed in the UK are unsure what the benefits of working are. Working for minimum wage in the UK can often mean an individual is better off than being unemployed. There are various benefits available designed to support those on a low income such as; housing benefit, council tax benefit and working tax credit. When starting a new job it can be hard to make it through financially until the first payday however in the UK there are options available such as an extended payment of housing benefit and council tax benefit. Depending on the circumstances of the individual these payments may continue. By working you will automatically pay income tax and national insurance. These payments mean that should you become unemployed in the UK then you will be entitled to welfare state benefits such as jobseekers allowance and housing benefit. benefits of working

As a parent working in the UK can significantly improve a family’s financial situation, there is help with childcare costs and previous child maintenance and child benefit payments are unaffected. Working in the UK is not just about the financial reward it can improve self-confidence and help you meet new people.

Immigrants who wish to work in the UK are divided into a number of categories designed to organise the visa application process. Most categories work on a points based system however is you are only working for a short time you may be able to come to the UK to work as a visitor. If you are a national of a country in the EEA of Switzerland then you have more rights to working in the UK. High value immigrants are able to enter the UK without a job offer, this covers investors, entrepreneurs and well qualified people.

If you need help with applying for work and finding out about any benefits you may be entitled to try visiting your nearest Jobcentre plus office.

Another really big benefit to living and working within the UK is that there is lots of help should you get into financial difficulty. One such company that will be able to assist with you should you get into a financial problem is http://www.dfh.co.uk/. They will be able to provide you with lots of helpful and useful financial information.